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Because you asked for it

Over the years my clients have asked me, “Do you know a good ____________?”

So, I am compiling a list for my clients to select from.

I will include the contact information for more than one business per profession when possible.

Having a choice will assist you in finding the right proprietor to meet your needs. 

I will continue to modify the list as deemed necessary.


Desert Dental Specialists 702-384-7200

Dr. Kathleen Olender DDS MS


Essential Oils 702-308-7277  

Priscilla Messmer,RN email her at


Keith's Pest Control, LLC 702-242-8668


Lio's HV A/C 702-287-7649 


R. Beverly Tax Services 702-646-0207

Sheri Beverly



Choices are solely the responsibility of the individual and not that of Ruth Ballentine.

Ruth Ballentine has no alliance with any of the professionals listed.