Ruth Ballentine - Mobile Massage Therapist
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I was absolutely at my wits end, when I was referred to Ruth Ballentine, because of my rock hard muscles and almost debilitating day-time dizziness and night-time vertigo.  I was extremely desperate to find someone, who could help decrease or better still, eliminate the nerve pressure in my neck.  Ruth is a very experienced massage therapist and since my first massage in February, she has managed to eliminate the dizziness and . . ., the night-time vertigo has diminished significantly!  I wake up refreshed, energized and eager to get on with my day, confident that the quality of my day won’t be influenced by bouts of unwanted dizziness.

If you or someone you know is looking for a super massage therapist, I highly recommend Ruth Ballentine!   She has your best interest at heart, along with the strongest and most capable hands you could ever imagine!  She’s the BEST massage therapist I have ever encountered, and I shall be eternally grateful to her, for what she has done for me! 

Cheers and all the best, from an extremely happy and very satisfied, dizzy-free, client!

Valerie H. – Las Vegas, NV